How to Lose Fat | Liposuction Surgery

A common question is 'How to lose fat in Beijing in certain areas of the body where diet and exercise are not proving effective?' Liposuction Surgery (Lipo for short) for men is most commonly performed on the chest to remove 'male boobs' and abdomen to remove 'love handles' and also may be done elsewhere such as the neck area to eliminate a double chin. We also use it to treat the legs, buttocks and other areas of the body where normal exercise is ineffective.

Since opening in 2005, we have been helping hundreds of our clients with the issue of 'How to lose fat in Beijing'.

Diet | Liposuction surgery Beijing

At our Clinic we view how to lose fat through surgery as a compliment to a reasonable diet and exercise, as such we would not use it to treat excessive obesity. In such cases our physicians first advise clients on effective weight loss through diet and exercise before prescribing the liposuction surgery to perfect the physique you are seeking.

The surgery is considered safe, with impressive results and affordable at CMS Clinic.

Most procedures can be done in our operating room under local anesthesia and no overnight stay is required.

Experienced | How to lose fat in Beijing

With over 20 years of experience performing these procedures in Japan, Germany and China, our surgeon has mastered unique surgical approaches at removing deep fat tissues leaving the outer skins layers smooth and natural looking.

The procedure is nominally invasive; a minor incision is made where the fat is to be removed. Most procedures are normally done within 1 hour depending on how many areas are to be treated and the size of the area.

Following your procedure you will be required to wear a surgical compression garment for the tissues to bond, the length of time depends on the type of liposuction surgery performed. You may bathe or shower as before once the surgical compression garment is removed.

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