Age Spots | Mole Removal Surgery

At our cosmetic clinic we can perform both age spots (solar lentigos) and mole removal surgery in Beijing quickly and inexpensively.

Have you been thinking about getting rid of age spots in Beijing from your face or hands and just done nothing about it? With most mole removal surgery it's so simple now that you will only regret not having done this earlier.

Most can be non-surgically removed by freezing (cryosurgery), electric ion or laser treatments. We do these simple procedures on hundreds of clients each year.

Excessive Sun Exposure | Age Spots Beijing

Most are caused by excessive exposure to the sun; usually after age 40 these start to become more noticeable. We would typically treat these with an IPL (intense pulsed light) laser, and 1-2 sessions is usually enough to restore the skin to its natural complexion. This of course depends on the color contrast, which has occurred between the spots and your unblemished skin.

Safety First | Mole Removal Surgery Beijing

Depending on the character of the mole, it may be advisable to first perform a simple biopsy to be sure the mole is benign before it is removed.

There is no need to live without a perfectly unblemished complexion when these skin marks can safely, quickly and inexpensively be removed from your skin forever. Have you been waiting too long to do this?

We are conveniently located in the Beijing Tower of the Chang An Club office building across from the Beijing Raffles Hotel on Chang An Avenue near to Tiananmen Square.

For a free consultation on age spots Beijing and / or mole removal surgery Beijing treatments please either contact us by e-mail or simply call Michelle or Tracey on (010) 6559-6769. We are a privately owned, American operated clinic.