How to Quit Smoking in Beijing? | Nicotine Patch Beijing

How to quit smoking in Beijing when cigarettes are so cheap is a difficult question to address but with a nicotine patch Beijing becomes like any other city in the world regardless of the cost of that killer pack of 20! A nicotine patch is an aid to quit smoking successfully, tried and tested throughout the world and here in Beijing we supply countless clients with nicotine patches.

Sound advice | How to quit smoking in Beijing?

At our Beijing clinic we have helped many clients to successfully quit smoking over the years. But, before we advise you on how to quit smoking in Beijing we ask that you begin by reading a publication from the American Lung Association titled, "7 Steps To A Smoke Free Life" by Dr. Edwin B. Fisher, Jr.

In his book, Dr. Fischer addresses important topics such as:

  • How to survive your first smoke free week
  • How to manage your weight when you quit
  • How to deal with cravings which occur in the early stages but diminish over time
  • Knowing what are your "danger zones"

While nicotine replacement through the use of the nicotine patch, nicotine gum or other means will greatly help you to concentrate, reduce cravings and generally make the quitting process much more manageable; the starting point is preparing yourself well in advance of the day you quit.

Extremely few people are successful the first time they quit smoking, that's why patience and persistence are critical in this process.

European imports | Nicotine patches Beijing

Our nicotine patches in Beijing are imported from Europe ensuring you the highest quality and most reliable medications available here in China.

In comparing the different nicotine replacements, we tend to advise most clients on using the patch over the gum, because there is a lot of evidence now that many people using the gum continue using it for years after they have kicked the smoking habit. And, we have also found in different cases clients having adverse effects, such as nausea, to using the gum.

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Let us help you to learn how to quit smoking in Beijing and learn more about using the nicotine patch Beijing or other nicotine replacement medications. For a free consultation please either contact us by e-mail or simply call Tracey or Michelle on (010) 6559-6769 for your appointment today.