Professional Teeth Whitening Beijing

Visit our professional teeth whitening Beijing Clinic for a more effective and painless solution that uses a blue cool light technology (Beyond Teeth Whitening by BeyondDent) that is safe and gentle giving you the pearly white smile youve always wanted. This teeth whitening system is a very popular chair-side treatment among our clients, simply Beijings best teeth whitening solution available.

Our CMS professional teeth whitening Beijing Clinic has over 1,300 loyal clients taking treatment since 2005. Our imported technology uses an advanced cool light filtration system without harmful UV light or heat ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the 45-minute treatment.

Clients agree that there is no better solution because it operates at a lower temperature increasing patient comfort levels and decreasing the risk of developing whitening sensitivity and leaving you with Bejings best teeth whitening smile imaginable.

Common problems - Teeth Whitening Beijing

It is a common problem for many newly arrived expatriate clients to experience a significant discoloration of their teeth within the first year of being in Beijing because they brush their teeth with tap water or otherwise expose their teeth by eating local foods which have been cleaned with the harsh local water.

Our highly trained and experienced medical staff has a proven record for treating teeth that have been badly stained from smoking or drinking coffee, tea, or red wine over time. Our goal is to restore that youthful and natural white smile to our cherished clients.

A Brighter Smile - Beijings Best Teeth Whitening

You will experience a whitening effect of 5-10 shades lighter in just a single treatment in our Beijing clinic. A bright white smile makes a great first impression with people you are meeting. People you know will certainly notice your refreshed white smile after your treatment. So, be sure to try CMS's professional teeth whitening Beijing Clinic, it is truly the solution for you.

We are conveniently located in the Beijing Tower of the Chang An Club building across from the Beijing Raffles Hotel on Chang An Avenue near to Tiananmen Square. See the map for details.

For professional teeth whitening Beijing please either contact us by e-mail or simply call Tracey or Michelle on (010) 6559-6769.