Iwasawa Akila, M.D., President and Chief Medical Director

Dr. Akila practiced plastic surgery in China, Japan and Germany before joining the CMS Clinic.

He is a professor and a skilled plastic surgeon with over 25 years of surgical experience. Dr. Akila mastered highly specialized aesthetic surgical techniques suited to their European clients and fully understands Caucasians’ and other non-Asians’ aesthetic expectations. He specializes in breast, rhinoplasty (nose), rhytidectomy (face lift), and liposuction surgical procedures.

Bill Milewski, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Milewski began his professional career with Ernst & Young in the United States, later joining ABB where he worked as Asia Pacific Region Vice President for Audit based in Hong Kong and later Chief Financial Officer for ABB’s Taiwan businesses for one decade. Since leaving ABB he has worked in CFO roles raising capital and taking local companies public in the US.

He earned a bachelor degree in economics from the George Washington University and master of business administration from the University of Hartford, both in the US. Later he pursued post-graduate studies at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Faith Deng, M.D.

Dr. Deng graduated from Xiangya Medical University which is re-known for it’s co-operation with Yale University in the United State since 100 years ago. Dr. Deng worked as a dermatologist i