How to Stop Sweating in Beijing?

Did you ever feel like Summers in Beijing just keep getting hotter and longer? So how can you stop excessive sweating in Beijing? Is there a simple remedy to sweating in Beijing? Which treatment has the answer?

Focused treatment | How to Stop Sweating in Beijing?

It is possible with our Hyperhidrosis, a medical term for excessive sweating, treatments. Our doctors will administer some Botox to the areas where you experience the most perspiration in order to stop excessive sweating here in Beijings intolerable humidity. The medical practice of using Botox as a treatment has been around for many years.

Each spring we treat over 100 of our clients, women and men alike, to prevent excessive sweating during the long hot summer months in Beijing. In 2008, leading up to the Olympic Games in Beijing we treated an astonishing 336 clients to allow them to enjoy the games in relative comfort. It has since become one of our most popular treatments for clients of all races and from many parts of the world.

This is not a permanent cure; it typically lasts up to 6 months, which is enough to get you through the long summer season of excessive sweating in Beijing.

Simple and safe | Stop excessive sweating Beijing

The injections for this purpose are both simple and safe. A micro-needle is used with a very small amount of Botox injected into those areas where sweating occurs. We source these disposable needles from the United States to ensure only nominal discomfort during the injections.

Our doctors perform the treatment in a few minutes and within 1 week the full effect stops your excessive sweating on the areas we treated.

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