Dental Teeth Whitening Beijing

Here at our dental teeth whitening Beijing clinic we provide a painless and more immediate treatment than any laser teeth whitening Beijing clinic. Using the world famous brand 'Beyond Teeth Whitenin', a technology that uses an advanced blue cool light filtration system similar to that of 'BritSmile', patients are guaranteed an effective and gentle service, providing that white, clean, bright smile of success in less than 45 minutes.

A Painless Treatment - Dental Teeth Whitening Beijing

Safety and pain factors are always important considerations when choosing effective dental teeth whitening. With that in mind we make sure that patients are NOT exposed to any harmful Ultra Violet (UV) light or heat during the treatment and consequently are assured a safe and pain-free visit. Compared to laser teeth whitening in Beijing the blue cool light method, operating at a lower temperature and decreasing the risk of developing whitening sensitivity, gives you an all-round confidence to continue uninterrupted in your daily life.

Immediate Results - Laser Teeth Whitening Beijing

You will experience a whitening effect of 5-10 shades lighter in just a single 45-minute treatment in our dental teeth whitening Beijing clinic. The return of your natural white smile will happen before your very eyes even after years of stain-abuse through smoking or drinking beverages like coffee, tea, or red wine.

That white, clean, bright smile will create a memorable first impression at all times with everyone you meet. Whether you want to impress at work, at leisure or even just to boost your confidence we have the answer at our dental teeth whitening Beijing clinic. So, before you try any of the laser teeth whitening Beijing clinics be sure to try 'Beyond Teeth Whitening' at CMS Clinic Beijing.

We are conveniently located in the Beijing Tower of the Chang An Club building across from the Beijing Raffles Hotel on Chang An Avenue near to Tiananmen Square. See the map for details.

If you would like more information about dental teeth whitening Beijing please either contact us by e-mail or simply call Tracey or Michelle on (010) 6559-6769.

'Beyond Teeth Whitening' by BeyondDent is a registered trademark.